Learning Made Simple.  Here's how...

Lessons designed to fit each student.

Anna had a really hard time in piano. When she transferred to the studio,

she had completely shut down from the overwhelm.

She said there was just too much to remember and it was confusing.

However, lessons became simple with the right learning strategies.


Instead of long lists, we built a big picture overview and then filled in

the details. 

She also had an easy time remembering, if we color coded her steps.


Teaching to Anna's strengths made learning simple.   She loves playing

Beethoven and Chopin now.

Are you curious what learning strategies would make piano simple

for your child?


See for yourself at an introductory lesson. 


Lessons created to help students enjoy learning.

I have often heard teachers, parents and kids say that piano lessons and practice are big struggles.  Do you worry that your child will face similar struggles in lessons?


Practice struggles are out the window. We ditch that "P"  PRACTICE WORD and focus on PLAYING.

What makes learning simple for kids at the studio is turning practice into PLAY.  And by that, I don't mean it's just semantics.  We are serious about play.  It takes the stress out of learning.

The studio is carefully and intentionally designed to create a learning environment that is supportive.


Hard stuff? We figure that out together at the lesson, so at home, kids are playing the piano. Not stressing about it.


I spend time finding music they LIKE. Games, duets, and cool sounding music make learning satisfying, enjoyable and just plain FUN.

It's a recipe for true, long lasting success.

Here are just a few of the results you can expect for your child:


*pass their first piano books up to 2 times faster than the 30 minute lesson

*sight read fluently with the increased reading practice at the lesson

*compose and create music during the lesson

*enjoy playing at home instead of struggling to finish learning the assignment

*perform with confidence at recitals

*play more music

*read music they like

*develop independent piano skills 

Discover how your child can succeed in piano, too!  Find out more at the introductory lesson.  

Piano lessons my kids love in Woodstock, Illinois with Dena Maxwell
Anna loves Chopin

"The one hour Accelerated Piano Lessons made a huge difference.

Both of my children were auditory learners.

 The lab learning helped their reading level improve to catch up with the playing abilities."

Tricia Rutledge

See full testimonial here

Piano lessons parents love for their kids with dena Maxwell in Woodstock, Illinois
Low Down Boogie
So happy with piano lessons in Mchenry County, Illinois
End Game
best piano teacher in Woodstock, Illinois 60098
Debussy Petite Suite

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